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General Info

Ready for a brand new project with a breath of fresh innovation? Meet our dynamic and well-organized team, offering revolutionary services and promises that will redefine your expectations on a Lineage 2 server and bring a new change of pace to your endeavors!

  • Settings

Server Base Patch: Classic Secret of Empires (2.9)
Server Client: Assassin
Mana Potions: Restores 1,000 MP with 10s cooldown
Luxury Shop: Up to C-grade items
Auto Loot system
1st, 2nd and 3rd class transfers are free
Auto learn skills until level 76
Maximum Clients per computer: 2
Maximum number of members in a party: 7
Server Time Zone: GMT +2
No Kamael Class

  • Buffs/Dances/Songs/Prophecies

8 hours duration
Total buff slots 24 and 12 Songs and Dances
The buffs are accessible through ALT + B functionality in the game

Rates and Stages

  • General Rates

The following rates are put in place to ensure that the server economy will thrive and create a environment of longevity and fairness.

Adena: x1
Quest: x1
Drop: x1
Spoil: x1
Raid Experience: x1
Raid Drop: x1

  • Dynamic Experience Rates

The experience rate dynamic stage system was crafted with the intention of catering to both casual and competitive players alike. Recognizing that leveling can be a time-consuming and sometimes stressful aspect of gameplay, we've introduced a stage system to alleviate that pressure. This allows players to approach the leveling process more leisurely, freeing up time to participate in other activities, especially Player vs Player (PvP) combat.

Moreover, the dynamic stage system offers an additional advantage by enabling players who join the server after its launch to catch up more swiftly and make a meaningful impact. The initial stage, STAGE I, is set to come into effect at the grand opening of the server. Details regarding the timing of subsequent stages will be communicated through announcements on our official Discord channel, ensuring that players are well-informed and can plan their in-game activities accordingly.

The stages are never set in stone and can be edited or changed, contingent upon the overall progress of the community.
Level Range Exp. Rate SP Rate
Lv. 1-70 x5 x5
Lv. 70-76 x3 x3
Lv. 76-78 x1 x1
Lv. 78-80 x0.5 x1
Lv. 80+ x0.01 x1
Stage 2
Level Range Exp. Rate SP Rate
Lv. 1-76 x5 x5
Lv. 76-80 x3 x3
Lv. 80-81 x2 x2
Lv. 81-82 x1 x1
Lv. 82-83 x0.5 x1
Lv. 83+ x0.01 x1


These events are automatically scheduled, and all players will receive an invitation, even if they are currently out of town or in combat (exceptions for Olympiad participants). The events are accessible for players at level 55 or higher.

Only one character registration is allowed per HWID. Players who were inactive during the event will be kicked from the event.

Each participant in these events will also be granted a Event Medal and x1 Exp. Rune (1 hour). These rewards are distributed to all players, regardless of winner or loser as long as the player has participated.

  • Team vs Team

Winner: 1,500 L2 Coins (+3,000 highest score),
Loser: 300 L2 Coins (+3,000 highest score)

  • Korean 1v1

100 L2 Coins per kill, 1,000 L2 Coins (+2,000 highhest score), x1 Exp. Rune (1 hour)
Loser: 100 L2 Coins per kill, 500 L2 Coins (+2,000 highhest score), x1 Exp. Rune (1 hour)

  • Deathmatch

Rewards: 50 L2 Coins per kill (+500 highest score), x1 Exp. rune (1 hour)

Raid Bosses & Instances

  • Raid Schedule

Raid Bosses: 22 Hours + 0-2 Hours Random
        The damage from regular level 80 raid bosses has been increased.
        The drop rate for A-grade Weapons/Armor from level 80 raid bosses has been enhanced.
        Normal level 80 raid bosses now drop EWA/EAA.
        Epic raid bosses Queen Ant, Core, Orfen, and Zaken are now at level 82, while Baium and Antharas are at level 85.
        All raid bosses (normal and epic) drop L-Coin Pouches.
        Raid bosses will spawn based on GMT +2; you can use the /time command to determine the current time.

Field Bosses: Spawns every day at 21:30 Server Time
Raid bosses have a chance to spawn Death Knight, which drops Improved Enchant Scrolls and Life Stones.

Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
21:00 Queen Ant Orfen Core Zaken Olympiad Games Olympiad Games Aden Siege
21:30 Dailies / Priests Dailies / Priests Dailies / Priests Dailies / Priests Dailies / Priests Dailies / Priests Dailies / Priests
22:00 - Lilith / Anakim Baium Antharas - - -

  • Daily Bosses

At 21:30 each day, the game world ignites with the arrival of daily bosses, strategically designed to inject excitement and foster player-versus-player (PvP) interactions. This routine event serves as a focal point, uniting players of all levels in pursuit of epic loot and glory. The anticipation leading up to this moment creates a vibrant atmosphere where spontaneous alliances form, rivalries emerge, and the in-game economy thrives on the valuable loot dropped by these formidable adversaries. In essence, the daily boss spawn has become the heartbeat of our virtual world, shaping the player experience and creating a shared narrative that transcends the confines of the game.

Level 60 Bosses (Fields of Massacre):
Tayga Marga Shaman, Rael Mahum Supercium, Tayga Septon Champion, Rael Mahum Radium, Tayga Feron King

Level 65 Bosses (Ancient Battlegrounds):
Fiend Cherkia, Demon Bedukel, Fiend Sarboth, Fiend Harthemon, Bloody Witch Rumilla, Fiend Goblier

Level 70 Bosses (Forsaken Plains):
Evil Orc Tabris, Evil Orc Ravolas, Evil Orc Dephracor, Amden Orc Turahot, Evil Orc Zetahl, Amden Orc Turation

Level 75 Bosses (Silent Valley):
Bathus Elbogen, Varmoni, Varbasion, Daumen Kshana, Overlord Muscel

Level 80 Bosses (Various):
Queen Ant Drone Priest (Ant's Nest), Priest of Core Decar (Cruma Marshlands), Priest Orfen Lord Ipos (Plains of Lizardman), Angel Priest of Baium (Giran Harbor)

  • Instances

Elemental Raid Bosses: Reset 06:30 Server Time every Wednesday (7 players minimum)
Frintezza Instance: Resets 06:30 Server Time every Wednesday (14 players minimum)
Clan Arena: Resets 06:30 Server Time every Wednesday and Saturday (4 players minimum)


  • Olympiad Configurations

Olympiad will take place every week on Friday and Saturday (18:00 GMT +2).
Heroes are announced every Sunday and will remain until the following Saturday.
Matches take place on Friday and Saturday and operate from 18:00 to 23:40 GMT +2.
The minimum requirement for starting a match is 6 players, and the maximum number of games a player can participate in per week is 60 games.
Implemented a notification which shows the name and class of the opponent when you enter the arena of the Olympiad.

  • Olympiad rewards

Players with 50 or more olympiad points receive 150 L2 Coins for a win.
Players with 50 or more olympiad points receive 50 L2 Coins for a loss.
Hero Circlet now gives +1 STR/INT/WIT/DEX/CON/MEN.
Hero Weapons reduced power based on progress of the server.
Hero Cloak reduced power based on progress of the server.

Aden Castle Siege

  • Siege Configurations

Siege time: Sundays, 20:00 GMT +2
Duration: 60 minutes
Registration:1 hour before siege ( 19:00 GMT +2)

  • Siege Rewards

Lord's Crown now gives +1 STR/INT/WIT/DEX/CON/MEN.
Circlet of Aden (Residential Stun Immunity)
Ability of Darkness (+1,000 CP, increase tax rate)
Ability of Light (+2,000 CP)
Heavenly/Hellish Cloak (based on Light or Dark, removed next siege ends)

Premium Account

Premium Accounts can be purchased with Event Medal and expire based on the time specified in your buff bar. You can also purchase Premium Account with donation credits.

Experience (XP): +30%
Skill Points (SP): +30%
Adena: +10%
Drop Chance: +25%
Spoil Chance: +25%
Experience (XP) loss: No XP loss
World Shouts

Game Currency and Economics

  • L-Coin

L-Coin serves as the primary and exclusive currency on the server, allowing players to purchase a variety of items from the L-Coin Store.
L2 Coins are non-negotiable and cannot be exchanged, dropped, destroyed, or sold in private or other shops.
Players can obtain L2 Coins through various means, including farming monsters, defeating raid bosses, participating in events, Olympiad and from the weekly castle siege.
The drop rate of L2 Coins is contingent on the level of the monster, and each player can only obtain a certain amount of L2 Coins before they are limited per day (resets at 6:30 AM).
When acquired, L2 Coins are directly transferred to the character's inventory, similar to Adena, and do not contribute to the character's weight.

  • L-Coin Store

Information regarding L2 Coins and the L-Coin Store, including the current balance of coins on your character and the L-Coin Store button, can be accessed through a dedicated window located below the menu (Alt+X).
You have the option to purchase various items within the L-Coin Store, which is categorized into six sections: "Popular," "Equipment," "Agathions," "Hair Accessories," "Consumables," "Events and Offers" and "Adena Shop."
Essential gear can be acquired by exchanging L2 Coins, although it's important to note that many items in the L-Coin Store have level and quantity restrictions.
Keep in mind that there is a daily limit on purchasing certain items in the L-Coin Store using adena, and this limit resets every day at 6:30.

  • Game Assistant

You can exchange Dragon Belts, Dragon Pendants and L2 Coins.
Services include Augmenting, Soul Crystals, Dyes and Talisman Combination.
You can also share/receive items within characters of the same account and access the warehouse.

  • Community Board

You can buy equipment up to C-grade for Adena.
You can also buy Recipes, Dyes and Spellbooks.

Improved Features

We've incorporated a multitude of innovative features to revamp the aesthetics and elevate the overall player experience, ushering in a modern and dynamic look to the gameplay. These additions not only contribute to a more contemporary visual appeal but also aim to enrich the immersive journey for players.

From enhanced graphics to streamlined interfaces, our focus on modernization extends across various facets of the gaming environment, ensuring that players can enjoy a cutting-edge experience while delving into the exciting world we've crafted.

  • Raid Schedule (Alt+B)

Feel free to access the comprehensive list of raid bosses, complete with their current status and locations, by visiting the provided link.

  • Monster/Item Database (Alt+B)

To discover information about item drops, including details on which monsters drop specific items and their drop rates, please refer to the dedicated search function within the game or consult the in-game database. Additionally, community forums, official websites, or fan-created databases may offer valuable resources where players share their findings on item drops and rates. Always ensure that the information is up-to-date and relevant to the specific server or game version you are playing.

  • Clan DKP System (Alt+N)

The Clan DKP (Dragon Kill Points) system empowers clan leaders and CP (Constant Party) leaders to organize auctions for items within the clan. This system is designed to reward members who actively participate and contribute to the clan's success. Through DKP, leaders can allocate points to members based on their participation in various activities, such as raids, events, or clan-related achievements.

These accumulated DKP points can then be used in an auction system, where clan leaders or CP leaders offer items for bidding. Members who have earned more DKP through their contributions have the opportunity to bid on items, creating a fair and competitive environment. This not only incentivizes active participation but also ensures that items are distributed among members who have demonstrated dedication and support for the clan's goals.

  • Clan Activity Rewards (Alt+N)

Clan activity rewards are allocated according to the presence of online members and their current hunting status. This system ensures that active members who are actively engaging in hunting or other relevant activities receive their fair share of rewards. By taking into account both online presence and in-game efforts, the distribution becomes a dynamic process that reflects the real-time contributions of clan members. This approach encourages consistent participation and acknowledges the commitment of members to the overall success and progression of the clan.

  • Class Ranking

Class rank serves as a method to track and determine the highest-level player within each specific class. This system allows for a clear identification of the most advanced players in terms of experience and level for each distinct class. By maintaining a class rank, the game provides recognition and visibility to those players who excel and reach the pinnacle of achievement within their chosen class. It adds a competitive and goal-oriented element, encouraging players to strive for excellence within their respective class categories.

  • Advanced Auto-hunt

Experience the pinnacle of innovation with our cutting-edge auto hunting system, unrivaled in the market for its superior performance and speed. We take pride in offering you the most advanced technology that not only automates your hunting experience but does so at an unmatched pace.

Class Balancing Changes

We've implemented a series of adjustments to the classes, aiming to maintain a balanced and engaging gameplay experience. These changes have been carefully introduced to ensure equilibrium across the various classes and to enhance overall interest in the game. Our goal is to foster an environment where each class contributes meaningfully to the gaming experience, promoting diversity and strategic gameplay.

These modifications have been thoughtfully considered to address any potential imbalances and to keep the gaming landscape dynamic and captivating. By fine-tuning the attributes and abilities of each class, we strive to provide players with a well-rounded and enjoyable gaming experience. We believe that these changes will contribute to a more exciting and competitive atmosphere within the game, allowing players to explore diverse strategies and playstyles while maintaining a fair and balanced environment for all.

  • Sagittarius

Snipe: Movement Speed penalty increased

  • Ghost Sentinel

Dead Eye: removed Atk. Spd. penalty and added +10% P. Skill Critical Damage

  • Moonlight Sentinel

Rapid Fire: removed Attack Range penalty

  • Archmage, Storm Screamer, Mystic Muse

Aura Flash: has a chance to cancel targets

  • Phoenix Knight

Added skill Summon Imperial Phoenix

  • Cardinal

Added skill Prayer
Added skill Turn to Stone

  • Hierophant

Added skill Chain Heal
Added skill Cleanse
Added skill Mass Resurrection

  • Eva's Saint, Shillien Saint

Added skill Chain Heal
Added skill Greater Battle Heal
Added skill Cleanse
Added skill Mass Resurrection

  • Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master, Soultaker

Maximum distance between servitor to owner is now 1,400 range
Transfer Pain is now learned at levels 56/74/78/82/84

  • Fortune Seeker

Added skill Spoil Crush (replaces Spoil)

  • Ghost Hunter, Adventurer, Wind Rider

Added skill Lucky Blow
Added skill Sweeper
Trick: now cancels the enemy's target
Switch: now changes the enemy's current target to a random one

Enchant and Compound Rates

  • Enchantment Rates

Enchantment success rates vary based on the type of item and the desired enchantment level.
Higher enchantment levels typically come with lower success rates and higher risks.

Weapons (Mystic and Fighter) Armor (Mystic and Fighter)
+0 → +3: 100%
+3 → +8: 50%
+8 → +11: 45%
+11 → +14: 40%
+14 → +15: 35%
+15 → +16: 25%
+0 → +3: 100%
+0 → +3: 100%
+3 → +8: 50%
+8 → +11: 45%
+11 → +14: 40%
+14 → +15: 35%
+15 → +16: 25%
Pendants                 Agathions                
+0 → +1: 90%
+1 → +2: 80%
+2 → +3: 70%
+3 → +4: 60%
+4 → +5: 50%
+5 → +6: 40%
+6 → +7: 30%
+7 → +8: 20%
+0 → +3: 100%
+3 → +4: 65%
+4 → +5: 50%
+5 → +6: 35%
+6 → +7: 20%
+7 → +10: 15%
Talisman of Aden           Talisman of Eva          
+0 → +1: 100%
+1 → +2: 80%
+2 → +3: 70%
+3 → +4: 60%
+4 → +5: 40%
+5 → +6: 30%
+6 → +7: 24%
+7 → +8: 16%
+8 → +9: 13%
+9 → +10: 10%
+0 → +1: 60%
+1 → +2: 50%
+2 → +3: 40%
+3 → +4: 35%
+4 → +5: 30%
+5 → +6: 28%
+6 → +7: 26%
+7 → +8: 24%
+8 → +9: 22%
+9 → +10: 20%

  • Compound Rates

Compound success rates are determined by the type of items being combined and the desired outcome.
The rarity and level of the items involved can influence the success or failure of the compound.

Jewels Agathion Bracelet Talisman Bracelet Brooch
Lv. 1 → Lv. 2: 60%
Lv. 2 → Lv. 3: 50%
Lv. 3 → Lv. 4: 20%
Lv. 4 → Lv. 5: 10%
Lv. 1 → Lv. 2: 25%
Lv. 2 → Lv. 3: 25%
Lv. 3 → Lv. 4: 25%
Lv. 4 → Lv. 5: 25%
Lv. 1 → Lv. 2: 25%
Lv. 2 → Lv. 3: 25%
Lv. 3 → Lv. 4: 25%
Lv. 4 → Lv. 5: 25%
Lv. 5 → Lv. 6: 25%
Lv. 1 → Lv. 2: 25%
Lv. 2 → Lv. 3: 25%
Lv. 3 → Lv. 4: 25%
Lv. 4 → Lv. 5: 25%

It's crucial to note that these rates may be subject to adjustment by the game developers to maintain balance and progression within the game. Players are encouraged to check official game documentation or community resources for the most accurate and up-to-date information on enchantment and compound success rates.